About Us

At the 3fP-Tracker, we all work together to promote solutions to one of human kind greatest global challenges: climate change. We believe that a world with financial systems that translate the Paris Climate Accord into financial flows can become more climate friendly, sustainable and work for all of us.

Change to the better of human kind has always come from the people and with our daily work on the 3fP-Tracker, we want to support that change. Our analytical assessment and our exchange of ideas about green financial markets should add to the great work of many organisations and initiatives around the globe. We hope to highlight best practice and enable policy makers to learn from each other to solve a global challenge.

Steering Committee


Karsten Löffler

Karsten Löffler was head of the FS-UNEP Collaborating Centre at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management until end of 2022 and co-heads the Global Shield Solutions Platform since January 2023.


Ulf Moslener

Ulf Moslener is Professor for Sustainable Energy Finance at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and Head of Research at the FS-UNEP Collaborating Centre. He represented Germany in the UN Standing Committee on Climate Finance for several years.


Matthias Kopp

Matthias Kopp heads the Sustainable Finance department of WWF Germany and is involved in the international finance practice work of the WWF network.

Partner Institutions

Executive Team


Sebastian Rink


Frederic Bettini

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